Active Travel Filming Happening in School

Bath and North East Somerset, in partnership with Sustrans have been working in local schools, including Hayesfield, with the aim of increasing the number of pupils travelling ‘actively’ to school (walking, cycling or taking public transport for those living further away).

They are producing a series of videos about active travelling to school and will be filming for the film about cycling to school at Hayesfield Brougham Hayes on Tuesday 24th March 2014.

This will mean that some parts of the Brougham Hayes will have filming taking place and students may be asked to use a different route around the school. Once the films are produced they will be used on the Bath and North East Somerset Council website & their Youtube channel.

We are very excited about making this film with film company ‘Suited and Booted’ Studios CIC on 24th March and want to include as many students as possible. If however you do not want your child to be part of the filming process, please contact Mrs Vermeeren (Pastoral Manager Years 8 & 9) or contact the school on 01225 426151.

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