GCSE Results 2017

Hayesfield students’ achievements shine through the fog of GCSE uncertainty

Thursday 24 August 2017 was yet another day of celebration for Hayesfield students. In a time of national exam uncertainty and volatility, students were delighted to receive results that rightly reflected their hard work and determination to succeed. More school records were broken with over 86% of all exam entries awarded a grade C (4) or higher compared to the published national average of 66%.  Most impressively, over 40% of all exam entries at Hayesfield were graded at A/A*(7-9).   A phenomenal 43% of students gained the prestigious English Baccalaureate (E Bacc) set of qualifications, which recognises academic excellence in English, Maths, Sciences, a Language and a Humanity.  Students who gained the E Bacc achieved a grade 5 or higher in English and Maths and at least a grade C for the other subjects, showing high skills in a broad range of academic subjects.

Results for the reformed GCSE exams in English and Maths, with the new 9-1 gradings, show that Hayesfield students performed far above national expectations, with 80% of students gaining a standard pass in both new English and Maths GCSE qualifications. A staggering 94% of students at Hayesfield achieved a standard pass (grade 4 or higher) in their English GCSE with 85% gaining a prestigious strong pass (grades 5-9) against the published national average of just 54%.  Hannah Palmer-Jorge and Ruby Harvey scored a hat-trick by achieving the prestigious new grade 9 (rated above A*) in both their English and Maths – placing them in the top 2% of students nationally! Hannah gained a further 8A* and Ruby a further 7A* in their other subjects.  Over 40 grade 9s for English or Maths exams were awarded to students at Hayesfield.  Emma Champneys, Lily Middleton Mansell, Hannah Powell, Akosua Lune and Bethany Pozsoni all secured a double grade 9 for their English Language and Literature; Freya Bark, Sophie Carpenter and Millie Stagg secured a grade 9 for their Maths – all of these girls also secured an additional 3 to 6 A* each, some with an additional AS Level in Global Perspectives. A further 11 students gained 10 or more GCSES all graded A* and A (7-9 in Eng and Maths): Hollie Calley, Lily Lancaster, Rebecca John, Jodie Richards, Mari Madigan, Annie McCormack, Eleanor Musgrave, Martha Pickard Strange, Lizzie Seal, Katrina Woodfield and Yasmin Zurian. In total, 35 students secured 8 or more A*and A (or 7-9) grades – that’s over 20% of all GCSE students at Hayesfield.

Headteacher, Emma Yates, said, “I couldn’t be any prouder of our students today. They entered their exams with the sort of confidence that only comes from being fully prepared.  There has been much talk about rising standards with the new exams for English and Maths.  Our students met that challenge head-on and their determination to succeed has shone through the fog of national GCSE uncertainty.  Every year our students’ exam results go from strength to strength – none of this is possible without the best teachers and support staff in Bath!  In a time of national teacher shortages I am very fortunate to have such a great team working with our students and their parents.  We’re all over the moon!”

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